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Will I Ever Find Love Again?

By Lynn Zavaro, Author of The Game of You
Posted by: LynnZavaro

You have come to accept that the relationship with the last love of your life is now over, and you are waiting for your new love to come. The people you are trying to date are either unavailable or you aren’t that into them. You are in a dry spell and no one is asking you out, or you are frustrated because no one is grabbing your attention. You can’t help but wonder..."WILL I EVER FIND LOVE...


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  • will ill ever find love,

    just so nice to read this article its an eye opening for whoever is searching .

  • inspiring

    well, this can be helpful. . .

  • nice article

    i've read about this article and i'm so enlighten. it's all so true.... and i do believe also that true love can wait... and that GOD has his perfect timing. HE is just preparing a perfect person for us with special...

  • Bravo Lynn

    OK, I totally cried while reading this. Speaking of timing, this article was right on and just the answers to my questions. GOD bless you!! of a great truth is this, thanks for sharing!!

  • great!

    Great article. This is all so true. Time alone can be a gift - use it!